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Banka Starter Kit Natural Herbal Vaporizer Sleep aid for Insomnia and depression




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Jan. 2024

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Banka Vaporizer Battery Box*1
Banka Vaporizer Battery Pen*1
Banka Sleep Lab*1




【What is Banka?】

Banka is an Atomizer device helps alleviate sleep problems. The Banka Starter Kit includes both the Banka Battery Box and the Battery Pen.

Banka Battery Pen operates at a low temperature. Banka sleep lab with herbal supplement that helps alleviate sleep problems, such as improve sleep quality, relieve stress.


For all the loyalty members who joined and purchased the Banka starter kit, you can get the following;

Banka Vaporizer Battery Box*1

Banka Vaporizer Battery Pen*1

Banka Sleep Lab*1



【Why Choose Banka?】
  1. Relaxing and Calming Effects

The natural herbs helps to reduce stress, ease anxiety, and promote a sense of tranquility, making it easier for you to fall asleep and enjoy a deep, rejuvenating rest.


  1. Safe and healthy

Made from  pure natural herbal extracts, ensuring a safe and gentle experience. It can improve sleep quality without harming the body or causing addiction.


  1. Easy to Use

The Banka Natural Herbal Sleep Aid Nebulizer is designed for convenience and safety. It features a user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate.


  1. Fast-acting
    The oral absorption rate is only 6%, while the absorption rate through inhalation reaches 96%, taking effect in just 15 minutes.


  1. Small and portable

Compact, easy to carry, and always available when you need it for traveling across time zones.


  1. Cost-effective
    Nebulized inhalation significantly reduces the dosage, requiring only approximately 0.51 milliliters per person per month.


  1. US-European certification


LVA(Low Voltage Directive)Test Report



【How to use Banka?】

1.Open the Banka charging case and take out the Banka vaporizer.

2.Install the herbal essence in the Banka vaporizer.

3.Gently touch the vaporizer button and inhale slowly.

4.After use, you can put the vaporizer back into the charging case to recharge it for future use.



【Which groups of people are suitable for using Banka?】

1.People with insomnia or poor sleep quality.

2.People with depression.

3.People with bipolar disorder.

4.People under high levels of stress.

5.People who prefer not to take medication to improve sleep quality.


Buy three Banka Herbal Supplements during the promotional period and get one Banka Herbal Nebulizer for free.




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